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Yibin Heheng Technology Co Ltd is a corporate enterprise which focuses on researching developing marketing and trading of direct fastening technology and products Located in Yibin city of Sichuan PRC Heheng Technology is leading the direct fastening technology as well as the product marketing and distributing network With the operation principle make your home safer Heheng has three brands HEHENG NSZZ and DINGTIAN covering powder actuated fastening system gas actuated fastening system solid propellant system insulation layer installation system ceiling installation system overhead fastening system etc Meanwhile we have established long term and stable strategy and capital cooperation with...

Categories and Products

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Systems

Semi-automatic Powder Actuated Fastening Tool

.27 Cal. Semi-automatic Powder-actuated Tool Semi-automatic Powder-actuated Fastening Tool 450 Semi-automatic Continuous Powder-actuated Fastening Tool NS BWT 311 Fastening System 

Light Powder-actuated Fastening Tool

.22Cal Light Powder-actuated Fastening Tool .22Cal Light Powder-actuated Fastening Tool with Muffer .22 Caliber Light Weight Tool .22 Caliber Powder Actuated Tool .22Cal Light Powder-actuated Fastening System Heavy-Duty Powder-actuated Fastening Tools JD327B Light Powder-actuated Fastening Tool JD327A Light Powder-actuated Fastening Tool 

Heavy-Duty Powder-actuated Fastening Tool

Heavy-Duty Powder-actuated Fastening Tool MC52 Heavy-Duty Powder-actuated Fastening Tool Powder Actuated Fastening System NSZZ JD-70C Powder System 

High Velocity Powder-Actuated Tool

High Velocity Powder Actuated Tool .25 Caliber High Velocity Powder-Actuated Tool Direct Active With Pressured Air Tools High Velocity Powder-Actuated Tool 

Powder Actuated Fastening System Accessories

Collated Cartridges for Use with Powder Actuated Tools 6.8*11mm Red Cartridges Powder Loads .27 Caliber Yellow Powder Loads .27 Cal. Cartridges For Powder Tool KDA Eyelet Pin from 22mm to 32mm H6 High Velocity Pin with Cap 8.0mm Head DN Drive Pin with Metal Washer .300 Head Drive Pin with Flute .300 Head Drive pins Drive Pins with Right Angle Clip .300 Head Drive Pins with Conduit Clip Metal Lath Pins PD32 PD32 .300 Head Drive Pins Nailer PD 38 Head Drive Pin PD25 Fasteners Drive Pins PD19 Shank Drive Pins PD47 Head Drive Pins PD51 Head Drive Pin PD76 Shank Drive Pin NK32 Drive Washer Nail 

Gas Fastening System

Wood Frame Fastening Tool

GFN3490 Gas Nailer for Wood Frame 

Concrete Fastening Tool

GCN40 Gas Fastening Tool Gas Nailer for Electrical and Mechanical Applications GCN40L Gas Concrete Nailer 

Gas Fastening System Accessories

FC165 High Pressure Gas Can for Gas Nailer Driven Nailers Gas Fuel Cell Gas Nails for Use with Gas Nailers Collated Nail for Use with Gas Nailer 34 Degree D-Head Paper Strip Nails Corrosion - Resistant Gas driven nail Plating Thread Paper Row Nail Gas gun paper row nail Collated Framing Gas Driven Nails Paper Collated Framing Nails High Velocity Powder-Actuated PIns 

Powered Pins Fastening System

Powered Pins Ceiling Fastening Tool

High Effiency Ceiling Fastening Tool Nail Gun For Ceiling New Launch H7 Ceiling Tool NB520 Nail Gun for Ceiling Fastening NB520 Nail Gun Orange 

Powered Pins General Fastening Tool

Powered Pins Side Wall Fastening Tool 

Powered Pins Fastening System Accessories

Z type Solid Propellant Powered Pin O Type Powered Pins for Nail Gun SPO47 Powered Pins for Fastening Wood Furring Ceiling Pins for Hanging SPO52 Powered Pins for Fastening Wood Furring Washered Pins for Metal Lath and Track SPT Powered Track Pins High Effiency Powered Track Pins PD63 Head Drive PINS SPZ32 M6 SPZ32M8 SPZ32M10 Z-type Solid Propellant Powered Pin Solidified Energetic Tablet For Drive Pin Solidified Energetic Tablet For Drive Pins Solidified Energetic Tablet For Drive Pins sp4 Solidified Energetic Tablet For Drive Pins sp8 SP6 Solidified Energetic Tablet Z Type Drive Pin with Power Shooting SPZ32 Z-type Ceilling Clip SPO27 Powered Pins for Fastening Wood Furring Ceiling Pins for Hanging SPZ 

Insulation Fastening System

Gas Insulation Fastening Tool

GI200 Gas Tool for Fastening Insulation Board 

Powder-Actuated Insulation Fastening Tool

Powder Actuated Tool for Fastening Insulation Boards 

Air Insulation Fastening Tool

Insulation Air Tool Pneumatic Tools 

Insulation Fastening System Accessories

Insulation Fasteners for Fixing EPS board Cartridges Used with Insulation Nail Gun Gas Can for Insulation Gas Tool Insulation fasteners for fixing mineral BG70 BG25 Insulation fastener BG30 Insulation Fastening System BG40 insulation Fastening System BG50 Insulation Fastener SYSTEM BG60 Thermal Insulation Fastener BG70 Thermal Insulation Fastener BG 80 Insulation fastener BG90 Insulation Fastening System BG100 Insulation Fastening System BG110 Insulation Fastener BG120 DN Drive Pin BG130 EPS Board Fastener BG140 Insulation Fasteners for Fixing EPS board BG150 Insulation Drive Fasteners BG190 GAS DN Drive PINS BG160 DN Drive Insulation Pin 

Other Fasteners

Drywall Screws Fasteners Dry Wall Screws self-tapping U Type Plastic Staples U Type Plastic Staple U-Type Plastic Staple Nail 

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